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Question - PL at higher levels (1 Viewer)

Jun 2, 2022
I read a few of the posts regarding PL, and although I found very little on PL'ing toons at higher lvl (90+}, I think the gist is to just get them in a lvl 120 group. Is that accurate? Are there any other techniques to PL higher toons?

I ask because I plan on making a new 6-box and then a few more to raid some content. I can heroic them to 100, but from there seems slow to have one of them in a 120 group and then try to catch up the rest. If I make more crews then it will be a very long process. Am I better off to just gear the new groups with T1/T2 at 100 and let them /grind?

Any ideas are welcome! :)
Aug 12, 2018
I don't have much to add about pl but for any leveling do the mind numbing finger poking exp quest that is ......Overseer!

The 24 hour ones seem to give the best exp but tbh the only time I got the 3% and higher that everyone always talks about was during that charity bonus we got last month. But still a couple % increase is nothing to sneeze at if your not even in the game at the time
May 13, 2021
If you've got a 120, or even a 110, you can stick them in a group in any EoK or RoS zone and grind them 100-110 (FM but is very busy, or jump into Droga or Kor Sha - just kill kill kill - pretty quickly, then 110-115 ToV and TBL missions (especially the first complete bonus xp on the missions) seem to be the goto, popping LOTD/XP pots along the way.

I'm at the 105 stage on a new group, and I split them up - 3 and 3 with the bigger group so they just soak xp along the way.

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