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Question - Pickup Ground Spawn (1 Viewer)


May 5, 2016
Is there anything that will allow my puller/anyone else to pick up ground spawn as they move over it?
There is an invoke command for grabbing ground items
/invoke ${Ground.Grab}
I'm not sure how you'd put something together to only look close around you as you're moving - hopefully we'll get some suggestions on how to do that

Here's some info from macroquest2.com wiki

25 Mar 2016 - Fixed GetFriendlyNameForGroundItem to support instanced zones - Misc fixes

24 Mar 2016 - Fix for ISXEQ build, it will compile again, report any weirdness on the forum. - Fix to make /itemtarget select the closest item first - Update to /items and /doors so they sort by Distance3D - Updated /doortarget let me know if it fails to target - Updated /click left door let me know if u find a door it cant open. - Added a .DoTarget Method to the Ground TLO

Usage: /if (${Ground[egg].DoTarget.ID}) {
/echo we just targeted a ${Ground[egg]}

- Added a .DoFace Method to the Ground TLO

Usage: /echo (${Ground[egg].Doface.Distance3D}) {
Will face the closest item on the ground which has the word "egg" in it.
and then echo the distance to it in the mq2 window.
well if it finds an item with the word "egg" in it on the ground that is, otherwise it will just echo NULL
.DoFace does NOT target the ground item, it just faces it.

- Changed how /items <filter> work, its now case insensitive and takes any part of a word into account

Usage: /items egg will display all items on the ground that has the word "egg" in them.

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