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Patch - Patch notes Dec 20

Apr 3, 2019
Patch notes Dec 20:
December 20, 2019

*** Items ***

- Players on free-trade servers (Firiona Vie and Brekt) can now trade Gift: Torment of Velious Standard Expansion Ticket and Gift: Level 85 Heroic Character Boost.
- Added the class based armor emblems to Sandrice Gemheart in Froststone.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Removed beta token rewards from Torment of Velious quests.
- All Torment of Velious raid, mission, and quest givers should now be findable.
- All findable Torment of Velious NPCs should have a title, which shows up as their Category in the Find Window.
- - Reward chests are an exception. They are findable, but have no title.
- Corrected the Challenger of Torment of Velious Achievement so it now checks for the correct group challenge achievements for Zero Command, Zero Tolerance, and Zero Loss.
- You Can't Go Back Home
- - Fixed a bug that prevented the blessed torch from burning Ry`Gorr corpses if you'd already completed the step to kill 7 infected orcs.
- - Ry`Gorr Blessed Torch and Ry`Gorr Blessed Sack are now lore items.
- - Adjusted a few of the quest steps to make more sense, grammar wise.
- - Various task text was not able to be seen if the player left the zone.
- - Updated the icon for the necklace to make more sense.
- - Fixed a misspelling of Grunak's name in the task text.

*** Spells ***

- Fixed several spell descriptions that were referencing item names that weren't displaying correctly.
- Added spell descriptions to all NPC spells created for Torment of Velious.
- Bind Affinity will now function in the Torment of Velious Eastern Wastes and Great Divide zones.
- Made several corrections to spells used by NPCs in Torment of Velious.
- - Chilling Touch, Stone Bite, Spider's Web, and Acidic Ice Pool will slow attack speed without removing attack speed buffs.
- - Crushing Ice and Acidic Ice Pool have been given a duration so that their detrimental effects can have some actual effect.
- - Vorag's Curse of the Laggard changed so that it will be harmful rather than beneficial for the target.

*** NPCs ***

- Grunak and Reclamation Officer Borminn have found their way back to the Eastern Wastes.
- Excellent Raiton Evasion and chilled carcasses in Eastern Wastes should no longer display as humans.
- An wandering icepaw kobold is now a wandering icepaw kobold.
- Sanra Gemheart will now work with parcels as advertised.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Zeflmin Welikanin can now teleport you to the Torment of Velious version of the Western Wastes.

*** UI ***

- Fixed a linking issue with the Ry`Gorr Mines section of the Atlas.

- The EverQuest Team
Jan 18, 2018
yea I think they let a lot of stuff fly under the radar and avoid mentioning it -- this may be one thing they dont specifically mention to keep the peace. Similarly the mob tuning may have sneaked in as well. I guess time will tell


MQ2 Diplomat
May 5, 2016
No mention of them reducing exp from the missions.... anyone confirm if they did that?
the uber xp is from the achievement for the hero mission - and someone said ngreth said it was intentionally a ton of xp
Jul 3, 2018
CC and Mines mobs give close to 1/10 of 1% , which would take 1000 kills to level from 111 to 112, but they gave a little over 1 AA, so they defiantly scaled XP way down so far.