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Question - "Passive" Conditions inside EQ Hotkeys (1 Viewer)

Oct 13, 2017
I've been looking through the page and can't really find an answer so I figured i'd open it up to the possibility of someone else knowing.

When I raid, I use ISboxer and multibinds inside EQ to press all of my keys, with that being said I've been exploring options to incorporating MQ conditionals into my game to make those keypresses smarter when not using KissAssist / CWTN plugins.

I don't know YAML and I do not understand LUA at this moment, but I know eventually that's my best choice to handle this , I just don't understand it and I don't want to become a burden with questions.


The example above is a snip of the Discord I use to keep my stuff organized , and I put these on hotkeys and incorporate those keys into my multibind spam in ISboxer.

The problem I have is, I can manually click all of these and they fire off as intended, but if I try to use them on my bind key, the won't fire it's like it just skips them.

Does any one in the world do this? Am I the only weirdo that wants to fine tune my toons and have 100% control?

I know MQ2Melee is the easy obvious choice, but that would require me to have faith in Melee, and I don't.

Thanks for any and all help or suggestions.

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