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Question - Paladin Tank Armor class (1 Viewer)


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Jul 21, 2019
I made a paladin because I needed a tank to group with and favored undead. I now have him max level and grinding AAs and augs. He has all of his base AAs and am working on class/focus now.
I just have the RoS collection Trophy, I use Tributes personal and guild, with mostly Conflagrant gear; though I am running Darkness Howls every chance I can. Most of my aug slots are filled, i have maybe 5-6 type 7 to fill. My AC right now is 5700 ish self buffed and cleric merc. I also have TBL food and drink and I use Gorowyn Fortified Drink for extra stats.
My question is, where can I make more AC gains??
I'm working on HoT trophies.
Also running Darkness howls for the shield and earring and neck piece.
I've added a bard to my group and that can get me to 6100. Then I use all of my AA abilities and Combat Abilities and I can reach 6600 ish.

I'm just not sure what is going to make big gains to get me close to TBL Tank status. I've heard like 7500AC I'll need constant, so I need to gain 1400 AC.

Going to work on Morell's castle and one other trophy in HoT, can't think of the name right now. That would give me about 150 AC. I can get Rk II songs for the bard, that'd be another 40AC. 25-35AC per type 7 AUG, I think I need 6. That'd be another 150-240AC. So I'm looking at roughly a 430 max AC gain. The gear from Darkness Howls would be a bit more... But that's all I can think of.


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May 5, 2016
I have a feeling with a couple of adjustments you'll be able to start working through TBL content just fine - mainly the healer merc, and your visible gear. Plus with the new expac coming and being able to get to 115, I think you'll be doing alright. TBL and ToV are VERY heavy in incoming damage - imo, mercs are going to give you the false sense that you suck, when it is really just mercs not keeping up with their function.

Augs (things like the type 3 shield AC aug are important) - High AC in every slot - prioritizing things like flotsam/jetsam augs, TBL security Aug

Sticking this specifically in your shield slot is important. (because of the way shield slot handles AC)

These are harder to come by - since you kinda need the gear to get them, but some examples of augs i use
Secret Dawn Gem of Security - 80AC
Jetsam of the Darkened Sea - 80AC
Coronach of Sand - 75AC
Dour Blue - 70AC
Conflagrant Gem of Security - 67AC

HERE is the eqresource AC/Hdex Aug list (this naturally seems to have some higher AC augs listed than HAgi list does)

HERE is the eqresource AC/HAgi Aug list

This needs some looking at
Current Gear vs Conflagrant --- TBL T1 Paladin BP has 758 AC versus 681 from conflagrant (T2 TBL has 838, and T3 Crafted TBL has 898) this adds up
Real cleric vs merc - mercs just have a hard time keeping up with the current game --- I bet with a boxed cleric you could do just fine with your current setup.

Are you using Cliff Stones with the 30 purity augs?
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Mar 19, 2019
The reality is you need to grind yourself out of Conflag. I managed TDH untilI filled all non-vis with GMM, got the shield and sword. Then I started FF and the smoke trials (Wending Ways). Slow progress, but doable. I was lucky that I saw a guild group in Mearatas, and managed to get campfired in. I then campfired some lowbie toons to leave in there in case my cf expired. I then ground the nameds for T2 armour and power sources (I had none til I farmed mearatas) using my real cleric AND merc cleric (I splitinto 2 groups). It was slow but OK. This was an SK, so should be similar to a pally.

THEN start working on augs.


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Jul 15, 2019
I agree, try to get some tbl gear anyway you can. If you are successful than everything like augs gets much easier and faster. Try to get a campfire into mearatas if you can as t2 stuff rots regularly as peeps are after the t3 muhbis. Gmm is a good idea too until you have all of the drops. Worry about maxing luck later. Put all of your aa into defense, ac, and hp. Forget about getting far without a real cleric, boxed work great. Merc clerics are too slow and cast stupid spells. You wont get far even with 2 of them.


New member
Sep 3, 2019
I feel you with my SK I was having a hard time at first with his AC as it was EoK T2 gear and he was sitting at 3982 AC went to RoS to get gear but the AC jumps were very slim got full suit and was still at 4200 AC then a friend of mine should me GMM got stocked up on all non vis gear still not big think i was at 4900AC jumped into TBL did Stratos progression and did 1 mission trial in smoke with my 6 box and it lets you into Empyr gives you passage for 60 hours just camped my team out there for 3 days got a full suit of T2 TBL gear made it all not buffed at all I sit at 6101 AC with no buffs and still missing 4 aug slots the jump is huge from RoS to TBL gear think the bp was like 450 in RoS TBL it is 898 AC that is more then half oh and don't forget about your soft cap AA line of AC too hope this helps and GL to you .

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