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Question - Overthere Sabertooth cats

Apr 3, 2019
I am having a problem where my tank runs out to get them and they debuff his run speed, and he dies coming back.
I have added a bow, but some of them are LOS to my camp, and the tank gets too close to run back safely.

Is there a good way for the tank to remove this debuff? or is there a good way to deal with it?
Jan 2, 2014
snaring mobs(and mobs that cast long stuns) are almost always a problem, my solutions are either adjust you camp locations or pull radius so you are less likely to pull one or don't have far to go to get a heal ie group/camp

or playing more manually for specific camp locations/spawns you are after to manually avoid pulling them/pulling them safer eg use strafing to move faster to camp manually
Nov 29, 2017
Free, avoiding them seemed to be the only way for me, as I could not debuff them, but I did find if I had my mount up for those pulls, I was fast enough to get back to within my clerics heal range, so it worked out well. The named Bloodstalker was the worst. But with mount up it was ok.

So, I will ask this (as I have a new Heroic who will wind up fighting those stupid snare cats)...is there a way to have a cond or other code, to pop my mount (or other spell such as Jboots or anything) to check the mob type and cast the mount for the pull, then upon returning to camp click the mount off?
Mar 9, 2017
Yeah I just camped in spots they didn't roam often. Southern side of zone is better. When you have to do the named in North, make sure you're watching to catch the snare or switch to a puller that can cleanse it. I think my SK's self cure could sometimes remove it. I'd also swap in a Mage and have a "CoH me now" button on puller.

If you have an insta-mount or buff, you could do that on detection of the snare. If it has a cast time, the mq2nav will keep trying to move back to camp and interrupt it. If you then put in a KA DPS/Buffs entry to remove the mount/buff, it would get clicked off in camp.
Jul 5, 2017
If you have anything other than a pullertank, you could use them on a fast mount to pull. The snare will not be enough to slow puller before they return to camp unless you are running half way across the zone (you would likely die to the dot effect). While mounted, the puller should still outrun the cat, even when snared. I did this with my monk to pull in OT. The only thing that sucks is KA has a difficult time efficiently positioning during combat. I also had to add a line under buffs to cast the mount automatically incase he dismounted for some reason. It worked well for me overall.

I didn't try this with my tank pulling because tank pulling on mount is really jacked up due to mq2moveutils trying to position while on mount.