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Strategy - Optimal 3 box group for GoD LDoN (1 Viewer)


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Jan 20, 2006
So I've been playing on Wayfarer's Haven lately, recently got my 3 man crew to 30 (SK/SHM/DRU) and decided to try my hand at some LDoN stuff. Now, I never really ran any on live so I'm legit going into this blind. I ran a couple collection missions last night and they went fairly well. I'm just curious what you guys think would be the optimal 3 box. Now, I don't plan on running these all the time. Honestly, I'm only bothering with it as they have the shaman curse line of dots and it's the only place to get them. I'm decently geared across the board as the community there is super friendly and are more than willing to toss you gear to get started with.

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