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Question - Older content raids (1 Viewer)

Dec 15, 2020
Currently my group is 117 with a SK tank. I was wondering if anyone knew of any older content raids that would be worthwhile doing for items for my SK? I have researched some and have not come up with much. Maybe I am overlooking some items. Thanks!


Captin Obvious!
Jun 8, 2013
The raids Themselves Likely Do Not drop anything that Holds a Candle to the Loot You Can get in TOL, but if you look at the Achievement awards for some of the things Like Paragon, Etc.. U can Earn Items Like Jann's Veil, Familiars and pets, As well as Working on The Heroic AA's which Increase your character in general for doing the Older content. items Wise thou Maybe CLickies?


Well-known member
Jun 27, 2020
Old raids won't have too much that's actually useful to you, but a few odd exceptions exist for some classes. SK doesn't have much in the 'never been upgraded' world.
I'm going to list a few things, but worthwhile is debatable.

Circle of XX clickies (power. mana, etc). Though the circle of XX 4 only comes from plane of war, 3 can be attained from quite a few older raids.
Haste clicky if you don't have Jann's Veil - Lizardscale Plated Girdle (But seriously, if you don't have Jann's Veil, go get that instead)
SK is one their CoA breastplate is still kind of useful.
It's so negligible these days, but I think the DS from Stormeye Band stacks with everything you'd have on still.
Mounts from raids (Ghostrider's Bridle, Bridle of the Flying Imperial Sokokar, and Enchanted Firethrower of Speed come to mind, but there's several others like the ornate chain/silken bridles) - Though they're not useful to the SK since you have max speed mount via aa, might be useful for having your team keep up.

Not gear, but Dragons of Norrath progression (which includes a few raids) is worth doing if you haven't, as it offers permanent rewards including perma +1% crit rate.
MPG trials, as well, offer permanent increase to resists (though not raids, it's worth mentioning with DoN progression as permanent special aa unlocks)

Some other classes get a little more in returning to old raids. Like twincast rk3 and twincast aura rk3 never being upgraded, so SoD era raids are still useful to those classes. SK's just aren't really one of them.

There are worthwhile older things for you to get, but like morisato said, most of it is stuff like the heroic aas and completing expansions, not raid drops.
Jul 10, 2018
BiFold focus of the evil eye. spell twincast clicky. Requires 840 currency and Vanquisher of Valley of King Xorbb
Shield of Immaculate Light. Disease Cure clicky, Requires Vanquisher of Tower of Rot
Venenium. Poison Cure clicky, Requires Vanquisher of Arx Mentis #5
Bridle of the Imprisoned Sokokar. Fastest Mount in game, Ludicrous Speed. Talendor in Veeshan’s Peak
Trophy of Talendor. Guild Trophy +10% to spell damage
Silver Etched Coin. Type 7/8 Aug with good stats and +20 hDex. Hate’s Fury Anniversary Raid

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