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Question - Old player...lost on where to find information on new content (1 Viewer)

Nov 30, 2022
Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your help in the past with setting everything up! So my little three man team just hit level 65. I have had a blast going through the old content (original player from 99). I am thinking of starting over some new toons so I can level through the zones that I have not yet been. However, for my current team I am a little lost on all of the new content that has been released in the past 20 or so years. Can anyone let me know some must see zones...some loot that is fun to camp for etc in the 65 plus range? Not worried about leveling up quick. Also, if there is new content that is also must see for the lower levels I would love to see that as well on the next set of three that I level up. Thank you all so much for your help and Happy New Year!


May 5, 2016
Welcome back Krysea!

I use > EQResource < for a lot, unfortunately their xpac info only goes back to House of Thule (level cap increased to 90) (it looks like uf.eqresource does exist, but no earlier)

I don't really have a suggestion on where to find stuff at HOWEVER - the achievement window and then doing the merc/partisan/hero from each xpac is pretty great and will get you along real well, which (with a quick glance) appears to show up in Seeds of Destruction (lvl cap increases from 80-85)
Aug 12, 2018
Not sure how "new" you want to do. But be aware that pretty much around EOK they made it so lower levels can't do much in those zones. You can easily get to most of them but you will die very fast if not of the higher level. And sometimes the tasks etc are not available to under 95.

I would pick and chose from the Hero's Journey or what is called Achievements. Its a button on your character screen and it brings up a complete list of all expansions, almost every quest etc.

They brought this out when they made the Free to Play model and its based on starting character in Cresent Reach and is used as a guideline to help new and returning players find something to do. You can pick and chose.

You can also click the + signs at each expansions and see what looks interesting and do that.

I would do the Franklin Teek dailys too since they have you go to different zones (zones change first of the month) and its good exp. Get 2 or 3 while your there.

Once you get a little higher you can do the ones offered by his Cousin Clayton. He will port you to his.

Also I like LDON around 65 - good exp and helpful port after you do the stone part.

Basically there are a lot of guides out there. I like Bonzz cause he has a terrific stable page and Hero's forge armor page that shows exactly what the items look like. And his quest walkthrus are pretty good. http://www.bonzz.com/

Almar's has some good ones but they are hit and miss. Its kinda like he quit halfway thru on some.

And as back up I use Allah. Usually I look up zone info then pick the quest tab and scroll thru rewards to see what I want or look up what I want and see how to get it.

WB and have fun!
Jul 9, 2018
YMMV, but I had a ton of fun 1-65 revisiting zones I fondly remembered from my original leveling up to POP. The novelty of revisiting some of those places wore off pretty quickly (COM, LGuk, Seb, Velks, etc.) as I started playing during late Kunark and didn't spend as much time there as many others. POP was really where EQ's story felt most developed and interactive, so I had fun doing content with the new defiant gear which was far better than the raid gear available in-era and got to see stuff I missed with my guild back then as we got to the ele planes at our apogee.

Allahkhazam's is still good for basic info about the game and sometimes comments help you figure your way around bugs or weird mechanics. EQTC is my go-to for tradeskill recipes. EQ Resource is great for progression and understanding unique gear features in each expansion for which they have info. EQRaidLoot is a great database for loot and AA info. Adetia's tradeskill lists are great for masochists who chase 350 across tradeskills. EQ Progression is where I track epic progress and POP flagging (for Artisan's Prize). Redguides is just a great community and resource. I would not play EQ without RG's MQ.

My similar experience:
The new Serpent's Spine zones felt well done and minimized travel time as you level through one zone and move to the one next to it, so I'd use that for your new crew to catch up. Around 60-65, I spent a lot of time in POFire and bounced around a bit with the same confusion on where to go next, like you're experiencing.

Farm in DSH was a really great leveling camp at 65 (run the repeatable kill quests there as a bonus), then either minotaurs in zone or gators in LP (easy, single pulls on the beach with no worry of adds if you're not in the path of the social frogs or bears) got me to 70+. After that,. Fortress Mech was a good zone for mindless killing. Once you're 75+, you could move on to the SoD zones like Oceangreen Hills, but you'll notice where previously you were slapping around yellow/white mobs, those will not be pretty challenging and you'll shift to white/blue depending on your gear. This is also the point where Defiant falls behind and by 80 you'll want to have transitioned away from it (e.g. Paragon from quests, Chain linked from HOT, T1 from HoT). From 1 - 7X, I always made sure to do the daily heroic quests that @Redmonkey mentioned (from Franklin Teek) for a nice chunk of XP. Get the one for your level and the one below your level.

After that, the Underfoot expansion kicks off the modern era trend of 5-level expansion packs with repeating spells/skills and an on-the-rails gaming experience UF and especially HoT after it were gear checks on my group; getting T1 HoT geared was very gratifying (gear tank>DPS>casters/healers). The focus shifts to the storyline and questing rather than an open world, guideless experience from early EQ. From there on out, you'll focus on leveling and gearing through one expac at a time and moving on to the next. Once you're maxed on, you'll look to backfill various progression tasks for heroic AAs (merc & partisan quests), special AAs (DON), non-prestige augs for your non-subbed characters, and various other stuff. With 20+ years of development, there are plenty of things to do here and that's before you dive into optimizing your setup of MQ stuff.
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Jul 29, 2019
Welcome back to eq. I agree with Sic, I also use EQresources also for most of my progression through the recent expansions, I wish that it had guides for progression for expansions before than House of Thule.
I use > EQResource < for a lot, unfortunately their xpac info only goes back to House of Thule (level cap increased to 90) (it looks like uf.eqresource does exist, but no earlier)


Old Timer
Jun 23, 2005
I just did Secrets of Fay and Seeds of Destruction used Alla it's still pretty accurate for that content since it hasn't changed much but I agree EQresource for the newer content.
Nov 30, 2022
Thank you all so much for all of the great information and all of the time that you took to give it to me!! I have been sick the last few days but will slowly make my way through all of the information. Thank you again!
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Oct 12, 2015
Happy Pop Tv GIF by One Day At A Time

I had taken a long break, came back and EQ alone had a lot of changes, the walk throughs are nice, not everything is answered, but it's enough to be dangerous LOL... that said, I definitely found that learning and refining the INI taught me the most; experiment here, ask a question here, apply it there, seemed to teach me the most about it... I really enjoyed the older INI websites that walked me through (though I believe some are out of date or whatnot... they still were a really great place to learn a basic knowledge)


Still one of my favorites for learning and quick reference, if there's better, I am unaware... another one I liked for / macro commands was


Just a couple nuggets that help me sort it out... and then again, asking questions of the community here @ RG has been HUGE!

Good Luck and Welcome Back!

Just my two red:rcents.

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