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Bug - October 2022 EQ Bug - missing discs (1 Viewer)


May 5, 2016
I'm making this post because it has come up a couple times already and I need something to be able to link with screenshots and such - Plus it hopefully will save folks some time trying to find the info.

Panda brought this up to me when the test build happened, and we spent a little bit testing and trying to track down what was happening.

There is an eq bug post about it already.

Basically some skills, all? sub 60 are missing from your combat skill window. which means MQ doesn't know it exists because EQ says it isn't there.

You can see here in the Combat Skill Window sorted by level, we are missing things like: Throw Stone and Elbow Strike

so checking /echo ${Me.CombatAbility[throw stone]} is null - because it doesn't exist in the combat skill thing - but if you assign it to a hot key via right click it and then manually press it - it works.


This means, that eq needs to fix this for MQ to be able to use those abilities that are "missing"

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