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Plat - nice little hot spot


Jan 26, 2014
I have been on and off in EQ for several years and this is one of the better spots i've found for some descent plat. Vegarlson the earthen badlands, it yields some really nice Tradeskill items and as a 105 Bst super chill and not a lot of traffic in the zone. for example the rock guys drop some chip of granite that on Emarr nameless sell for 1k per the tree guys drop a sap going for 1k each the earth mephit guys drop skin 500 a piece and blood about 250 per, another mob that are mainly located in the southwest portion of the zone drop a vine going for 500 per in barter atleast on my server. i wouldnt waste time going for the gemmed golems that require a key to get to anyway but loot table is not near as good. hope this helps someone make a little extra when they are bored and looking for something to do.