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IRL - Newbie here looking for suggestions (1 Viewer)


Oct 26, 2021
Hey guys and gals,

I currently have one gold account that I've been playing a now 79 enchanter on, just soloing since I'm on Erollisi where there are really no people LFG unless you are end game level. Almost everyone boxes here so no need to LFG.

A little background on me: I started back when Kunark launched and left during Planes of Power so my main back then was a 65 rogue which is on the same gold account as the enchanter.

I started dabbling with alt-tab boxing and currently have 3 F2P accounts consisting of a SK, zerk and a wiz. I group these three toons with a lower level druid on my gold account. They are all around level 55 now.

Looking down the line, it sounds like after level 85, F2P accounts become very under powered due to the lack of AA. I know one could pay for a month membership to unlock all the AA at 85 then start farming for krono or whatever but let's assume that one doesn't want to farm for krono and just play the game casually.

Now I am considering making the SK account gold and running the SK with a rogue merc and then grouping the SK with my enchanter running a cleric merc and keeping the F2P wiz grouped for ports. Only thing I'd be missing is SoW but with innate run speed it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, the zerk would fall off the wayside but that's ok.

What do you guys think? Go gold with the SK account now or just keep running the toons until level 85 and re-evaluate then?
Nov 4, 2021
From what I've heard its best to have your tank be gold, there comes a point past 85 where you are going to need the gear and aa's to take hits and taunt and have lots of hp. The other classes aren't quite as gear reliant as tanks perhaps. I just started playing again myself and don't have anyone over 85 besides a free heroic I got along time ago. Hopefully someone here with some more knowledge of it can point you in the right direction. Also once you get 85 you could copy them to test server, well you can do it at anytime, and that will give you all the aa's so you can see the difference yourself there. Playing on test server is like having subscription account even if you don't have one.
Aug 12, 2018
Personally I don't like SK better than Zerkers.

I keep a healer J5 merc on my paid account (can get when level 85). That is where you want the most help. All the other mercs can tank or melee. Healer needs to be strong to keep group alive.

And I would rotate the account to be paid accounts every few levels so each one gets all those AA. There is enough non prestige stuff out there that with a little research you can keep them up in armor and augs.

You could easily team up the chanter and zerk - they are within level requirements and get closer to 85.

Any of the others could be the third with a melee merc.

Have you ever considered a ranger? Has been my main for years and works very well in the group. I don't worry so much about ports since guild ports cover all the expansions. And there is an in game guild just for ports.

My main line up is Ranger with J5 healer merc, shaman/sk/pally/zerk with melee merc and chanter with tank merc.


Well-known member
Jul 14, 2019
I run my SK on gold. If you're looking to run more recent content, it's my opinion you'll need the damage mitigating AA's that tanks have. You might be able to squeeze by with a gold mage and let the pet tank if you have some crowd control with you.

The 'bag of tricks' that Shadowknights carry is great for group content. Again, my opinion, they outclass pala and war. You can cycle through your discs, taps, and clickies and survive without issue. If things get too hot, you FD.

I'm on FV. The access to raid items, that I would otherwise not invest the time in obtaining, gives me a lot of leverage. My damage output on SK is great for a tank class. When I'm doing achievements I will usually just bring my tank around and solo the content. I can solo, without issue, all re-Kunark era content and I can solo GMM kinda stuff.

I have solo'ed on a gold X class before - monk and SK have a lot for the lazy factor. They have damage mitigation cycles and they have FD. I really like the ability to be as lazy as possible with my play.

This is not a paid promotion from the Shadowknight's Guild.

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