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Jan 9, 2022
I just started using MQ2 earlier today. So far I like most of what I am seeing, but a few questions:
1: How do I turn this off? While grouping with my boxes everything is good to go, on a raid, I want it all off.
2: My main character is an SK. After starting this, I've suddenly started trying to disarm everything and I've no idea why. How do I turn that off?
3: I have the option for Show Target Health off. The program turned it on, is there a way to disable this and turn it back off?

Appreciate any assistance.
Jan 9, 2022
Thank you both for that information.
Some other things I am noticing:
1: When I change targets, it turns attack off.
2: I'm casting Terror of Thule when a mob shows up, that spell isn't in the ini file anywhere. The actual aggro items aren't going off:
Aggro1=Festering Darkness|97|<

3: If I try to change targets, it auto refocuses me back on the original.
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