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IRL - New stuff in marketplace and discount 5/2024 (1 Viewer)

Aug 12, 2018
The Golden Hero's Forge sets are in marketplace ($199) along with Clockwork sets, the Tumbleweed (not sure if they fixed the stacking issue with Janns' on that one) bat on a string, all the LON packs etc are on sale. Now thru Tuesday it looks like.

Looks like 20% off.
Well I bought the tumbleweed twig, and it did let me cast it and it took hold while I have janns veil buff on. So they at least allow them both to be on at the same time. I would assume if they let you have the buff, it would give the benefit as well.
Thanks Monkey !
I have not logged in for a bit, partially due to the suspensions and such and also because I've been trying to learn Lua. But I will get some guys on and get some xp. I will say from their message I was surprised:
While you’re enjoying these bonuses, be sure to remember all the heroes who have come and gone but will never, ever be forgotten.
A bit of a double insult, if you might understand the sentiment, they are an American company and its not a 'Game holiday' like Christmas is, so outright saying our American military who have fallen and can even add something like 'and our friends from around the world can enjoy the celebration'.
The other part is that they just banned so many people and this wording is also like a second form of insult. 'Never ever be forgotten.' Yeah I still miss my stupid banned team from a few years ago..no suspension, outright ban, and they want me to buy stuffs. Sigh I must be an idiot, I might spend a little.
There is NO way I would give another cent to this company! I am with RG now to try and go the EMU route, my last hope! I hear DBG and I am not bitter, they made the rules very clear and I broke them. But no more BAN roulette for this old fat guy!
IRL - New stuff in marketplace and discount 5/2024

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