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IRL - New oldtimer discovered emulated servers! (1 Viewer)


Sep 11, 2021

I am an EQ player, I quit a bit after LDON came out, and now I got the urge again, and discovered emulated servers with easier progress and the possibillity to run your own group, så you are not dependent on other players or they on you.. so I am going to give this a try.

Aged Shaman01
Mar 24, 2018
It is really good, you can use bots which are similar AI to the mobs, or you can make your own characters and use macroquest. I love the MQ way, fine tuning your team is fun. I like playing offline, it lets me go anywhere at anytime without worrying about the place being camped or me taking too long or whatever. And there are some good online servers too.


Well-known member
May 14, 2020
Yeah the emulators are something else, it's amazing the tech that enthusiasts have pulled together between eqemu and macroquest.

I honestly think open source is the key to it all, someone can drive a project or idea so far and then if their interest wanes, real life throws a curve ball and takes over etc someone else can pick up the mantle, not to mention people with interests in other areas of a project or bringing their own knowledge and skills to the table to collaborate.

I spent a lot of last year going through old content up to PoP on an emulated server, back on live now though, got the itch to see some newer stuff but it's a great option to have.


I <3 SKs *kissy face*
Jun 16, 2019
@p3wp3w when I saw your signature said “aged shaman” it made me lol for some reason.

I always like hearing about this and other things relating to emulated eq. That’s because I am afraid one day eq will have to sunset, then I’ll need to get my fix from an emulated server.

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