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Question - New EQ Player With a Basic Question (1 Viewer)

Jul 24, 2020
I just started playing EverQuest for the first time (Paladin on Firiona Vie) and I'm loving it so far. In an effort to get up to speed on about 20 years of game evolution, I've been reading guides and watching videos aimed at new and returning EQ players. One that caught my eye was Almar's MacroQuest 2 guide. The guide mentions that the RedGuides version of MQ2 has benefits even for someone playing a single character. I am in fact only interested in playing a single character. My question is how well this statement holds up today. Is RedGuides/MQ2 a worthwhile investment for someone that only plays a single character (i.e. not a boxer)?


Jun 28, 2014
Yes, lots of additional QoL items (MQ2Nav is the best plugin ever created).

Even by myself I would probably use it so I don't have to track my own self buffs.
Mar 24, 2018
I think if I was playing just 1 character I would still use MQ2 for buffing. You could automate everything but I don't like buffing so having that happen automatically would let me focus on the fun stuff. And some other useful stuff too like mq2 hud, the map, mq2 nav. With easy find you could tell the character to head to freeport or whatever and then go afk for a drink. Come back and your character arrived =)

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