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IRL - New boxer (1 Viewer)

Jan 2, 2022
Hello! I haven't played EQ since uh...Shadows of Luclin, I think...so yeah, been a while. But I've gotten the itch to play again and try boxing for the first time too, so I ended up here. I mainly want to do old content, so I don't think I need to run too many to start with, from what I understand.
Aug 19, 2020
Welcome! game and MQ has changed a bit, as pointed out there are ton of vids to help you get started, and then more vids amd writes ups for more advance items.

Ask questions, its a great community, and always, have fun!
Dec 23, 2020
If you can set up and run 2, you might as well do 6. Since you mentioned you wanted to do old content then FTP would be perfect. No out of pocket expenses for the time being. Just wait for that bug to bite!! :twisted:

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