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Discussion - new account / 24hr period before transactions (1 Viewer)

Jul 26, 2016
I created an account this morning because of the 2x exp but it wont let me purchase daybreak coin for 24hrs to upgrade to heroic. Is this normal procedure? Is there a work around? Will daybreak at least give me a reach around while they do this to me??

Update: While I was getting the message of I had reached the transaction limit for a new account within 24hr period while trying to purchase 5000 db coins for the 3500 heroic, I was able to do a 2500 db coin charge and a 1000 daybreak coin charge. Stupid lol.
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Aug 12, 2018
It can also slow down any krono purchase on new accounts or even on old accounts when buying krono for first time. Plus too many transactions on new accounts whitin a short period of time can get ya banned.
Jul 22, 2018
I have had this happen multiple times and it's stupid. The message is not accurate. I made a new account and the very first transaction I even attempted was was denied for "too many in 24 hr". But how can that be when the account hasn't made any purchases? It went on for 5 days always the same error. I should have been ok with multiple 24 hr periods where I didn't try to do anything. In reality, you can't purchase the larger blocks of DB cash, the ones that you get a slight bonus on, but you can buy smaller blocks. They don't say that though, so it's frustrating that they can't get their website to tell you exactly what's wrong. This will hit anyone trying to make a new account and buy enough DB cash to make a heroic character.

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