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Question - Nec vs Bst for Group Mana (1 Viewer)

May 29, 2015
I recently put together a more caster focused group. My primary group is SK/SHM/BRD/BST/ZER/ROG. Just as another team to play around with and add some diversity, but also have them be functional on their own, I made a PAL/CLR/ENC/MAG/BST/RNG group. I know the ranger is a bit of an oddball in there but just one I really wanted to have. I use CWTN plugins for all classes that have them for both groups, KissAssist for outliers.

My question is, I mostly do group content and am wondering how much of an impact trading the BST for a NEC would have. Given I have a max AA 120 BL already having a second one just seems meh. But from my understanding the BST has some unparalleled mana regen tools for the group. With MQ2Necro being released would making that swap still leave me with comparable mana regen with their tap line, and how would the DPS compare over longer term trash grinding sessions play out? I'm not familiar enough with necros after their revamp and curious to hear some opinions from those who have a bit more knowledge.


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