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Question - Named mobs that throw you around

Apr 3, 2019
What is the correct way to deal with named mobs that push you around?
Currently my healer is getting moved thrown out of healing range.
And my tank is dying.
Jan 2, 2014
Make sure you are can levitated if able (usually reduces distance you get moved, if it's a PBAE/Targetted AE you should position in a corner/enclosed space as able to prevent being thrown out of casting ranges etc/reduces melee re-engage time.

If it's a directional spell, you need to work out a pull direction/make sure it's not facing the direction the AE goes to hit casters.

For macros, make sure return to camp/chase options are on etc, sometimes a smaller camp radius is needed to help ensure they return and don't end up in limbo - alternatively you can make a come to me movement key for casters to make them move back in range outside of the macro movements.

Depending on the frequency of the AE you can try and time avoidance type abilities for when the AE fires you have a slight pause in time the tank requires healing from melee damage.

I personally used to turn off camp options/chase options on bots and just used a hot key to move them back to me as a tank either a mq2advpath or mq2nav movement.
Apr 30, 2019
I tank them in a corner with my healers/casters standing next to tank so when we get pushed the corner prevents us from going flying. My melee is set to run back and engages from the back again for when it is not a directional aoe (like many of kael mobs)

Tank is beefy enough to survive a few hits without heals.
Jul 26, 2016
try to set up with your groups back to zone line, this helps. Shockstone in Emp has a rediculous fling, but doing the zoneline thing against the mountains helps.

return to camp on.