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Discussion - My Video of the Original Everquest Intro Movie and Tutorial (1 Viewer)

May 14, 2020
Memories of this, the main one being several attempts to download the tutorial on dial-up which took over 24 hours, the first attempt was corrupt and wouldn't open.
Aug 27, 2020
SO many memories. I remember running through EC shouting "WTB gently used Fungi Tunic" I never actually could afford to purchase it. Apparently the owners of such elusive luxury items would trade up in value.
What the heck is WRONG with my Mino axe? WHY does this ghoul NOT even get hit?!? Magic item? (Slowly a look of dawning understanding mixed with dismay crossed my face several times)
Haste means I run faster? AWESOME! Throw something on the ground and it points North? AMAZING~! As I am directionally challenged that meant nothing to me personally, but still. It seemed cool.
Losing a corpse in Everfrost. Hubby asking what was nearby - "snow"
That spell screen. Ugh. I spent more time staring at the spell book than the actual world. *it seemed like it anyway* I remember an Inky not being able to get water and I got some for her. Later a mage handed me a mod rod and told me to click it. I killed me and didn't even know why. My one claim to fame - I learned Dragon's Tongue. I was so proud. It was so useless.
I was a terrible player. Even snakes kicked me! I wouldn't quit though. I am not the brightest "a willowisp." Even Serpent's sight didn't help. Ah, excuse me I must alert **everyone!** /shout "Train TO ZONE!!~

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