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Question - My first post..and its a question for you Veterans of EQ/MQ2.

Jan 8, 2019
Hello everyone and thank you for such a wonderful site. The helpful posts and tutorials of HOW TO DO stuff is absolutely amazing. I have been playing 6box toons on Emu servers, but honestly wanted to merge my team to live servers. Well this took some investigation on how to do this, and it led me here. At first I was a bit confused since MQ2 for Emu servers was different than using for LIVE, but the tutorials helped a ton! At the moment everything has worked great, even the Autologin plugin. This plugin makes a world of difference! However when I log my team on I seem to have to enter /bccmd connect for every toon in the MQ2 window. This has to happen before anyone in my group of characters will take commands from my lead character. I apologize if this has been addressed in earlier posts, I did try to find the solution on my own but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure its something simple. But MQ2 makes me feel like a noob at times and lets me know of how much I dont know.

Thanks for any help!
Jul 30, 2006
“/bccmd connect” is the command to make all your toons connect to EQBC. You want to do this. There’s a command to ensure they automatically connect. You can find it under the plugin info for MQ2EQBC.
Dec 29, 2017
/bccmd set autoconnect on

Other information regarding MQ2EQBC can be found at the below link.

The resources for the community are the best asset we have. Finding resources for specific plugins can also happen from within our Discord channel, as a new member I highly recommend you go there as many willing community members respond to questions faster, and you can type commands such as !mq2eqbc
which would output the link to that plugin. Other plugins information can be accessed in a similar fashion.