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Question - Multiple Character sets and setting per server/characters (1 Viewer)


New member
Oct 19, 2021
Hello is there a way to have multiple character set setting that i am missing?


I have a set of toons on one server that i want to use a very minimal set up MQ2.. just basics like Nav, Spawnchecker etc.

I then play on a different server with a different set of toons and character names that i want to play with CWTN plugins and alot more helping aids of MQ2 and kissassist etc.

However since i played the second set of toons and set up all the plugins and got it working to how i liked it on the second server, when i log back to my first server which i wanted to keep the minimal settings i had, it applied all the plugins etc that i had added on that second character set.I thought they would have been setting set to the characters names and on a server but i guess not..
Is there a way to do what i am asking.

Any advice appreciated as i am new to this,. ty


May 5, 2016
if you're asking about the cwtn plugins specifically:
no, your plugin settings are your mq2classplugin_toonname.ini there is no per server

some other plugins use server_toonname.ini sort of information, but the cwtn plugins do not, and not all plugins do.

your macroquest ini is also not going to be character specific - but you could use a server_charname.cfg to do that for you to load/unload plugins based on your needs wants.

like a vox_sweetwizard.cfg might have a /plugin mq2chatwnd unload noauto because your wizard on vox you don't want to have mq2chatwnd loaded - this would unload mq2chatwnd on that character, but the "noauto" flag would make it so your macroquest ini value isn't changed

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