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Plugin - MQ2Targets (1 Viewer)


Oct 15, 2004
Redbot submitted a new resource:

MQ2Targets - Spawn tracker with optional notify and run-time modifiable HUD display.

MQ2Targets is a HUD Display-type spawn tracker with syntax similar to the Command:/where. Can track specific targets or all targets matching certain criteria (all npc clerics level 53-55 closer than range 100 for example).

  • Search strings are saved per zone
  • Replace "add" with "notify" and it will do a popup for each spawn matching your search string
  • Can add as many search strings per...

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Oct 10, 2022
Hello and thanks for the plugin!

I see you wrote that sounds need to be in the resources folder. By default there is a resources/sounds folder. I assume you need the files in the sounds folder?
Is there a way to test sounds to make sure they work? What application is playing the sound and which volume control is used? Do the sound settings in the eqclient have any impact on this feature?

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