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Question - MQ2TargetInfo and Dannet commands (1 Viewer)

May 21, 2019
Hey all

I've spent time changing my social hotkeys over from EQBC to Dannet and feel comfortable with it.

What I've found though, is an odd behavior between Social Hotkey and MQ2TargetInfo "ComeToMe" button, what I'm seeing/experiencing is that when I changed "Come to me" to Dannet (/dze) the group in the zone look at me and don't run to the driver. When I execute the same command by Social hotkey, the group comes running flawlessly.

I cannot understand what I've done wrong here, if I have.

Here's my mq2targetinfo.ini section:

ComeToMeText=Come To Me
ComeToMeCommand=/dgze /nav id ${Me.ID}
ComeToMeToolTip=/dgze /nav id ${Me.ID}
FollowMeText=Follow Me
FollowMeCommand=/dgze /afollow spawn ${Me.ID}
FollowMeeToolTip=/dgze /afollow spawn ${Me.ID}
MimicMeSayCommand=/dgze /say
MimicMeHailCommand=/dgze /keypress HAIL
When I click that button, I experience different results:
* No one runs to me, but everyone looks at me
* 1 group member runs to me, everyone else looks at me

When I click a social with the same, everyone in the group runs to me, every time, here's the hotkey:


Help please! =)

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