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Question - MQ2MoveUtils vs MQ2Nav (1 Viewer)

Mar 19, 2021
The title says it all. I'm struggling to understand the difference and the benefits of each.

Also, what plugins and macros use which one?
  • On one toon I use a CWTN plugin
  • On another toon I use Kissassist
  • On another toon (the one I drive with), I just use MQ2Melee to automate some stuff.
All of them behave slightly differently in terms of moving around, sticking to mobs, setting camps, etc.

Can someone help clarify what's doing what?



Nihil ᛗ
May 5, 2016
mq2nav uses a navigation mesh to move you around

move utils does some other stuff like sticking and can offer some other movement options

the cwtn plugins uses both mq2nav (movement) and move utils (stick)

MQ2MoveUtils was around before mq2nav, and does all sorts of stuff from allowing "camps" to "moveto" (moveto doesn't require a mesh like nav does). It has some oldschool type functionality too - like /circle - allows you to circle kite which isn't really a thing these days. usuaaaaaly the main thing that folks use moveutils for is the sticking - which is what mq2melee uses in its stickhow etc.

the cwtn plugins uses the stick from moveutils, but the camping stuff is not from moveutils.

MQ2Nav uses a "mesh" generation of the zone to determine what/where places are linked to each other, and calculates how to get there.

Moveto is like getting directions from someone walking down the street, and mq2nav is like using google maps
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