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Plugin - MQ2EQBC 16.5

Jun 15, 2011
MQ2EQBC - (EQ box chat) This plugin is composed of two parts, a server (MQ2EQBCS.exe) and a client (MQ2EQBC).
  • The server provides a similar service to an IRC server but is much easier to setup.
  • The client is similar to the MQ2IRC client in that it monitors text that is sent to the EQBC server.

Detailed Info can be found here

Rich (BB code):
-- /bccmd quit - Disconnects from the server 
-- /bccmd help - Show Help 
-- /bccmd status - Show if connected or not 
-- /bccmd reconnect - Close the current connection and connect again 
-- /bccmd names - List everyone that is connected to the server 
-- /bccmd colordump - Show color codes 

-- /bccmd toggle option
-- /bccmd set option < on | off > 

    Toggle or set option on or off. Valid options: 

    -- autoconnect - Auto connect to server when plugin loads 
    -- control - Allow remote control 
    -- compatmode - IRC compatibility mode keeps name formatting IRC friendly and echoes outgoing /bct 
    -- reconnect - Auto-reconnect on server disconnect or zone change 
    -- window - Use dedicated EQBC UI window 
    -- localecho - Echoing outgoing commands back if in a channel (echo is server-driven) 
    -- tellwatch - Relay received tells to /bc does not support tell windows 
    -- guildwatch - Relay guild chat received to /bc 
    -- groupwatch - Relay group chat received to /bc 
    -- fswatch - Relay fellowship chat received to /bc 
    -- silentcmd - Squelch 'CMD: [command]' echo 
    -- nameannounce - announce names on connect / disconnect
    -- savebychar - Saving custom UI window settings to CharName sections of the configuration file (saves to Window if disabled) 
    -- silentinccmd - Squelches incoming eqbc command requests 
    -- silentoutmsg - Squelches outgoing /bct with compatmode on 
    -- notifycontrol - Relays a message to /bc if the control option is disabled when a command request is received 
    -- echoall - Echoes outgoing /bca commands if enabled 

-- /bccmd set reconnectsecs # - Set the number of seconds to wait until reconnecting (default 15) 
-- /bccmd stopreconnect - Stop trying to reconnect for now 
-- /bccmd channels <channel list> - Set the list of channels to receive tells from. 
-- /bccmd version - Show plugin version 

-- /bc your text here - Send "your text here" to the server. 

-- /bct ToonName your text here Send "your text here" to ToonName 
-- /bct ToonName //command - Send /command to ToonName 

-- /bca //command - Send /command to all connected clients, excluding the client you issued the command from. 

-- /bcaa //command - Send /command to all connected clients, including the client you issued the command from. 

-- /bcfont # -S ets the font size of the UI window, similar to the /mqfont command 

-- /bcmin - Minimizes the UI window, similar to the /mqmin command 

-- /bcclear - Clears the buffer of the UI window, similar to the /mqclear command

Sample Setup: (enable pasting from clipboard in Everquest options)

Rich (BB code):
/bccmd connect 2112
/bccmd set autoconnect on
/bccmd set window on
Rich (BB code):
Sending commands to other toons:
/bct ToonName //sit
/bct ToonName //stand
/bct ToonName //macro ninjalooter
/bct ToonName //endmacro

Sending commands to channels:
/bccmd channels chatchan, commands
/bct chatchan hey there guys
/bct commands //bct chatchan My zone: $\{Zone.ShortName}

Sending commands to all other connects clients:
/bca //target id ${Me.ID}
/bca //timed 10 /stick 10
/bca //stick id ${Me.ID} 5 uw

Sending commands to all clients including yourself:
/bcaa //makecamp return
Top Level Ojbects

MemberDescriptionMember Type
ConnectedConnection status to an EQBC serverbool
NamesList of connected charactersstring
PortPort number if connect, otherwise OFFLINEstring
ServerCurrent server domain name or IP addressString
ToonNameYour EQBC client name (probaby ${Me.Name})String
Setting[option]On/Off status of specified option (/bccmd set for list)bool

Rich (BB code):
/echo ${EQBC.Names}
returns "[MQ2] gSe7eN eqmule plure sym1 redbot Warl0ck45"
(note to propagate EQBC.Names, use /bccmd names first)

Rich (BB code):
/echo ${EQBC.Port}
returns "[MQ2] 2112"

The /bcg and /bcga command. - Might have mentioned in passing by william12 according to him.

This command will only be sent to group members other than the character issuing the command that are connected to the EQBC server.
It will be ignored by any other character connected to your EQBC server not in that group.
Ignores mercenaries.

Rich (BB code):
/bcg //Sit
Would make everyone in the group sit EXCEPT yourself

This command will only be sent to group members including the character issuing the command that are connected to the EQBC server.
It will be ignored by any other character connected to your EQBC server not in that group.
Ignores mercenaries.

Rich (BB code):
/bcga //Sit
Would make everyone in the group sit INCLUDING yourself

Links to Android Mobile Apps for EQBC
Free unpaid version
$5 version - claims to be more up to date than the free unpaid version.
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New member
Dec 2, 2014
I installed the test version of Vanilla and I cannot get the EQBC server to connect.

I open the eqbc program and it says waiting to connect and when I log on my toon and type /bccmd connect I get a bad command line return. I know I am not doing something. Any help available?


curlyboi always win
May 5, 2016
Have you followed this awesome guide? MQ2EQBC Guide like the 2003 server kit part?

What exact "bad command line return" are you getting? did you ensure the mq2eqbc plugin is running? you can /plugin mq2eqbc then /bccmd connect

Edited to add a Welcome to RedGuides and the MQ2 world!
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Nov 2, 2016
You probably actually just need to run the server program as it doesn't start up when you load up MQ. It's called EQBC.exe and is in the folder of MQ2.


New member
Dec 16, 2017
eqbc server simply will not work this morning, I ran the update as my computer restarted over night logged in as usual and eqbc isn't having any of it.
Sep 10, 2017
Have you tried changing the IP it listens on to instead of If you don't connect to it with a different PC over the network then this might help.



New member
Dec 16, 2017
Yup I did all that, I normally always start it by right clicking the icon from MQ. I got it to work after launching the standalone and then running debug mode it sorted it self out and worked.
Mar 24, 2015
Alright so I run a macro to toss my toons into proper channels. This just started happening with the last patch.

This is the macro:

sub Main
/if (${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},BRD]})  {
/bccmd channels priv privbrd privmelee
/if (${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},SHD]}) {
/bccmd channels priv privtank privmelee
/if (${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},CLR,DRU,SHM]})  {
/bccmd channels priv privheal
/if (${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},MNK,ROG,BER,RNG,BST]})  {
/bccmd channels priv privmelee
/if (${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},WIZ,MAG,ENC]})  {
/bccmd channels priv privcast
/if (${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},WAR]})  {
/bccmd channels priv privtank
/if (${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},BRD]})  {
/bccmd channels priv privbrd privmelee
This is what happens sometimes.


so that is a bard that for some reason echos to BC. Sometimes it just says HANNELS for the first one. The heck?
Dec 29, 2017
@Vengen do you get a message when it won't accept anymore clients? I poked the plugin with a stick, but I didn't see where there was a limit defined right off. But it's a rather complex plugin/program to me as I've never delt with networking things at all.
Mar 17, 2017
So i had two EQBCS files in my MQ2, the other was EQBCS2.exe
using EQBCS2.exe lets me go above 50.. so maybe the EQBCS.exe is an older version..
May 1, 2019
Been running into a lot of issues with eqbc since update on emu.
I am losing connection yet it says connected but none of my connected chars are getting commands.
Sometimes when I send a command it will throw my character straight to the desktop with no error.
kiss commands through eqbc are often crashing my toons to desktop with no error