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Question - MQ2Autoloot Question (1 Viewer)

May 31, 2018
I am using MQ2autoloot and I the looter keeps passing out the Ores for T3 armor to other toons
how do I stop that from happening, I made one character looter so he would loot the ores, when he gets the last ores he needs ill make another looter
for now I just want him to stop distributing ores
Dec 17, 2016
I’m assuming it’s setting the item as |quest in your ini? If so that’s the default thing to do is pass them to everyone in group. You can change the tag number at the end like |quest|100 or what ever number you need and it will hand that amount out. You can also turn that off like I did. I set my auto no drop to ignore. I watch for when named are killed and loot it on the toon that needs it / wants it.

/AutoLoot questkeep #n -> If nodropdefault is set to quest your new no drop items will be set to Quest|#n
/SetItem Quest #n -> Will loot up to #n on each character running this plugin.
Jul 4, 2020
For me the easiest way to manage it is in the actual Loot ini file. Open it up, find the item you are working on and tag it there. I had too much confusion trying to do it in the advloot window in game. Open ini, change item, save, automatically updates in game

this will loot 5 spider silk for every group member and then leave the rest on corpses (change number to whatever the quest needs or you require)

this will loot, then destroy the spidersilk

this will leave it on the corpse

this will have your assigned looter loot the spidersilk For infinity or until the toon runs out of space. It will then get lookted by the next character in line.

this will loot them and then sell them at the vendor....target vendor then /Mac sellstuff
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Jul 4, 2020
gonna give that a try,

I had messed w that and thats when i noticed items were being distributed etc
yeah, making changes in game I messed it up more than I got it right. Tbh I was trying to do it through the advloot window and that was a disaster. BrianGregg’s set item line probably works just as well. I will try that next time I need to make a change

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