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Question - MQ2Autoloot - INI additions for Armour upgrades to specific classes (1 Viewer)

Aug 29, 2021
Help please! I've been searching for an hour now and just cannot find a thread I read about 2 days ago.

Someone was mentioning how to gear toons using Autoloot, by adding the armour pieces into the INI file and using QUEST or GEAR have it assigned to the right team members. There was also reference to a Googlesheet that you could add in team members/classes and it would provide a cut-an-paste section to add into the Autoloot INI. The sheet was for HoT onwards and I'm just starting there!

Any pointers truly appreciated. o/
Dec 17, 2016
I don’t think that feature works at the moment. What does work though is using the in game filter to mark never on toons you don’t want the loot going to. Then need on the toons you want it to go to in addition to the gear setting.

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