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Problem - MQ2 seems to be affecting my 1 key on keyboard (1 Viewer)

Jul 2, 2021
I'm *very* new to this. When Vanilla MQ2 is active the 1 key (on the row, not the numpad), doesn't appear to do anything in-game (though it might be doing stuff I don't realize) and will not even put the character 1 into a chatbox, but when I'm tabbed out pressing that key immediate returns me to the Everquest window. It didn't do that yesterday, but does today...

Closing MQ2 fixes the problem.
Jun 12, 2015
what it sounds like is that you might accidentally have put that as a hotkey in the profile creation for your toon.
this would cause the client to act like you are mentioning, where 1 will be the hotkey to switch to the client that has the toon loaded, and reinstalling would fix it maybe?

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