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Question - MQ2 on a PVP server (1 Viewer)

Jun 13, 2020
I have a warrior and it's constantly agroing pets I'm not even targeting, but won't attack pcs even on purpose while in manual mode. I think mq2melee is interfering with my ability to defend myself. I play on a PVP server. How do I fix this?
Jun 12, 2015
Mq2Melee has a setting that allows it to run on targets you attack, default is npc and npc pets

What you need to do is read this section, and adjust accordingly:

Optional Global INI File
MQ2Melee also has 3 global (not character specific) parameters that can be set in a second, optional INI file. MQ2Melee uses default values for these parameters unless it finds a file named MQ2Melee.ini that you created in the same directory. Here is an example of a MQ2Melee.ini file and a description of the parameters:


  • SpawnType: 0 + all desired target type modifier: (+1 PC) (+2 NPC) (+4 PC PET) (+8 NPC PET) (+16 PC CORPSE) (+32 NPC CORPSE) default is 10 (0 for base + 2 for NPC and + 8 for NPC PET).
  • MeleeKeys: Melee Attack Key (not same as eq please unless you like problems) default is z.
  • RangeKeys: Range Attack Key default is x.

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