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Problem - Mq2 not loading correctly. (1 Viewer)


Jan 27, 2017
1- Boot up pc.
2- Run mq2update just incase.
3- Turn on mq2
4- Login to game.
When i get in game mq2 is running on my computer. But When I get logged in I have to click reload mq2 for it to start working. If i log in another character. Character 1 will have mq2 running after i clicked reload, but my second toon same thing. Have to click reload again to get it to work. Slight annoyance really. But i box upto 12 toons on my pc and having to reload it manually on each toon is getting annoying. Is there anyway to fix this? Last resort is reinstalling but would like to avoid at all costs
Mar 9, 2017
Haven't heard of this specific issue, MQ2 not auto-loading/injecting. Running an anti-virus? Does MQ2 work better if you temp disable it? Any other security/permissions setting you've adjusted from the standard ones?

Maybe post or take a look at your MacroQuest.ini in the release folder and see if you spot any weird settings.

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