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Question - Mq2 Nav question (1 Viewer)

Apr 30, 2020
Hi everyone!

In anticipation of Rizlona i upgraded my account to level 2 today. I installed everything and got all the way through the 4th tutorial video. Her is where i am "stuck". The tutorial is about mq2 nav. At the beginning you see the group really move as one, meaning they move bunched very close together. I installed mq2nav and all meshes and it works perfectly, its even easier now since you dont have to go through all the steps described in the tutorial and instead install the meshes through the mq2 nav in game. (maybe update the 4th video?) Status in game is: navmesh loaded in green color and mq window says: successfully loaded mesh for butcher. I can replicate all the stuff shown in the tutorial except for the follow distance of the group to the leader. When i hit the follow me button in the group window, they follow, but at normal following range. How can i do it, that they follow really close to the leader? Or isn´t that feature part of mq2 nav?

Help would really be appreciated and pls don´t bash me, i´m a complete noob :)

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