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Problem - MQ2 closes my EQ clients (1 Viewer)

Mar 28, 2020
Hello, I was playing earlier just fine with 1 of my teams loaded up. However I tried loading up the second team and whenever i launch mq2 with eqbcs it crashes whatever eq clients i have running, whether they were loaded through mq2 or through the eq launcher. I'm not given an error code or anything either. Just shuts them down. The accounts aren't banned, I can play them through the eq launcher without mq2, but they shut off when its launched


Dec 29, 2017
Sadly it's hard to know what might be causing the issue. If MQ2 is crashing and it's saying it's producing a .dmp that it recommends sending to eqmule, then you'll want to follow those steps. Alternately you can send it to me in a PM. Keep in mind that the .dmp's could potentially contain information related to the character that generated the crash report, which is why it's recommended it be done in a PM. However, it'll also contain a list of plugins that were loaded at the time the crash happened, as well as potentially what caused the crash. If the .dmp file doesn't allude to a specific plugin that crashed, then it may be possible to try and eliminate possible plugins with known/potential issues.
May 14, 2014
I may be reading that wrong, but from what you say, you have 1 team loaded and are trying to log a 2nd team in at the same time. But you have wrote it in a way saying "when you launch mq2 with eqbcs it crashes whatever clients you have running". That makes it sound like you are trying to load a second "mq2" which launches another eqbcs server? And im also assuming the toons are all on their own accounts yes ? just trying to make sure!

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