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Question - Mq Window placement issue (1 Viewer)

Sep 14, 2006
Since the Jan 30th patch my mq2 window shows up smack dab in the middle of my screen when I log in and every time I zone it resets back to the middle.. its transparent but open so i cannot click through it until I move it.... sounds minor and I guess it is but it's helly
annoying.. any fix for this?
Jun 9, 2020
I was away for a while, but since I returned to playing a couple weeks ago my mqwindow resets to the top left hand corner of the screen every time I login or zone. Previously I had worked it into my regular UI configuration at the bottom of the screen, but that doesn't work since it constantly resets its position. If there's a fix for this I'd like to know it too. :)
Feb 1, 2020
My window was acting odd also, wouldn't stay resized or in the same spot but only on 1 character. I copied the settings in the [email protected] for the character that had the window where I liked it, to the settings for the one that was misbehaving and it's been working great.

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