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Question - Movement being paused when I get a tell (1 Viewer)

Nov 11, 2012
Hey, so for a while my movement randomly will stop when I get a tell when MQ is loaded, is there a plugin that's specifically doing this? If so, how do I turn it off? Killed me while kiting today :)



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Apr 1, 2014
[email protected] replies to this. made my morning. thank you for those, gentlemen.

and a GG @VestalBears for harassing me relentlessly about not being able to type and/or spell. the constant comparisons to a certain "not good" warrior who either has dyslexia, doesn't speak english, or drops acid before he types something in /gu were also deeply appreciated.

and also sincere thanks for spamming me w/ tells. you're the best. teehee ~

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