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Question - Mounts and Traveling (1 Viewer)

Dec 28, 2019
I am a new subscriber and I have two questions that I can not seem to find the answers for and I am sure they are pretty obvious but i am stuck.

1) What file can I set certain plugins to auto start for all toons? like mq2advpath? Right now i am using a button to enable the ones I want like:
"/pause 5,/bcga //plugin mq2advpath
/pause 5,/bcga //plugin mq2spawnmaster"

I am assuming that I can just define these in a .ini file somewhere?

2) I am only 2 boxing while I get used to MQ2 / Kissassist but how do I prep my toons for travel? I have a lvl 90 shaman and 88 Warrior, I would like to click something and have them to the following:
....a) both toons get on their mounts
....b) shaman casts "Spirit of Bih`li", "Group Perfected Levitation", "Invis"
.....c) chase main tank.

and possible a way to all dismount once we have arrived. Thank you for all your help and I am still searching through the forums.

Forgot to mention: Live server, EQBCs and Kissassist 11

Jul 20, 2017
I use something like this for my crew on a social button. This would be set up on your warrior.

Line1: /bcga //target id ${Me.ID}
Line2: /bcga //multiline ; /useitem Mount item (if both use the same mount) ; //cast "Spirit of Bih`li" ; //alt activate ### (whatever the AA number is)

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