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Tech - Motherboard Specs

Jan 31, 2014
Kiddo is asking me to look over specs for a pre-build PC he is looking to buy off of New Egg or Tiger Direct.

I am used to them listing more specs (or at least say part make and model so you can look them up) and there is a distinct lack of information on some areas. Looks like they are "helping" the customer some more /sigh

My build is going on 10 years old, the MB uses tri-channel with a limit of 24g, and I got a 90 page users manual when looking to purchase!

--takes his walker to go yell at kids on his lawn--

Anyways, one of the things baffling me is "RAM capacity" being so effing low. Either things are working backwards, or they are trying to say that is the limit per slot... but I can't seem to readily confirm what they are actually meaning.

Thought I would ask if someone can enlighten me on this new advertisement jargon, since all I can find are explanation on how ram works... how there are limits both in over capacity and per slot capacity and in what the OS can handle (already knew this) but not if what is being advertised is a total RAM limit or per slot limit... especially since the preview pics are showing 4 slots. (we are back to 2G and 4G sticks?!?)
Jan 2, 2014
Either that, or it is simply stating that the memory that comes with the system is DDR4 at a total of 16GB

If you look at some other listing, they have a RAM capacity and also a max memory supported listed and the RAM capacity it the amount listed in the item description


Dec 29, 2017
I'm a bit blown away by the ps/2 port....haven't seen a keyboard/mouse use that port in ages.


Also, don't be so quick to assume it's meant to be per slot. Here is a current example motherboard showing a max of 16gb and it too has a ps/2 slot for keyboard/mouse.


With that said, this is a DDR3 system. If PCPartPicker is to be believed, there are no motherboards that have both 16gigs max capacity and DDR4 as an option. If you wanted to be sure though, you'd need to contact newegg.


Well-known member
Jul 15, 2019
I would look for some budget gaming pc videos on youtube and pick one in your price range. Everytime I go to upgrade my pc I find that buying the parts individually gets you way more pc for your buck. You also get to decide things like if I spend $20 more on a power supply for instance it can make the difference from being able to upgrade later vs having to junk everything. I tend to use things like power supplies and cases for multiple builds. The ready to go pcs are specified to a price point with little thought into maximizing your money or head room for future upgrades. If you are thinking of a monitor I love my Samsung curved 4k tv as a pc monitor. I don't know what your budget is though. EQ runs fine on a 4k monitor if you right click the exe and uncheck the let program manage resolution box. If not everything is microscopic on a modern monitor and video card.
Jan 31, 2014
Glad my thinking was not out of line that there might be something odd with the listing then. I am used to seeing more like what CWTN is showing that clearly states the information, instead of "improving" things for customers. (It is like being at work, the more help I get, the harder my job gets...)

I also prefer building my rigs so I know exactly what I am getting and what their capabilities are, but the kiddos have little patience for that. Usually when someone asks me to help with a purchase, I prefer a brick and mortar store so I have the ability to speak with someone who is not reading from a script, and is actually motivated to answer questions. But, times are changing...

Thanks for the help =D