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Question - Most useful potions? (1 Viewer)

Jul 24, 2019
Spiders bite/Scorpions Venom for the melee dudes.
These are cool because the buff lasts a while - so just incorporate a dgza /useitem Spider or /dgza /useitem Scorpion into your main buff downtime before a raid.
I've never parsed the difference - but every little bit helps.
Jan 8, 2022
This is the older version of Restless Focus. I am assuming NoS will have an upgrade (or at least am hoping).
Spectral Focus https://www.eqtraders.com/items/show_item.php?item=71109&menustr=035000000000
also Velium Fortified Drink was upgraded in ToL and NoS (with the same name Luclinite Fortified Drink) https://www.eqtraders.com/items/show_item.php?item=71112&menustr=035000000000
also new mana tonic Refined Mana Tonic (7% instead of 6%) https://www.eqtraders.com/items/show_item.php?item=71097&menustr=010000000000
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Jan 1, 2023
I drink this here a time or two:

Shared Goblet of Adventure III​

Effect: Bottle of Shared Adventure III (Any Slot, Casting Time: 7.0)
Recast Delay: 5 seconds, Recast Type: 13
WT: 0.2 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Just kidding but the potion I have been drinking the most lately is alcohol because I've had to get my alcohol tolerance over 550 on 4 guys recently.
But seriously some of the newer brews are clicky spells
Brew of the PlanesComponents: Cup of Sugar, Fruit, Planar Energy Shard(2), Spices, Taelosian Tea Leaves, Water Flask, In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel, Brewing Barrel (Placeable), Guild Brewing Barrel, Yield: 1, effect is 10 to all stats and saves402
Cazic's BloodComponents: Bottle, Cork, Dream Dust(2), Fruit, Grapes, Planar Energy Shard(3), Wine Yeast, In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel, Brewing Barrel (Placeable), Guild Brewing Barrel, Yield: 1, illusion cazic Thule and
Increase Max Hitpoints by 106 (L1) to 634 (L120) Increase AC by 7
Cosgrove NostrumComponents: Cosgrove Powder, Quinine, Soda Water, Vodka, Water Flask, In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel, Brewing Barrel (Placeable), Yield: 1, Add Defensive Proc: Healing Potion VI rate mod 100=450 heal462

And for the teleport challenged
Clicking on this item will transport you -378.98, 811.28, -88.21 facing North in Plane of Knowledge.
This location is on the platform near the small bank.
All items are cheaply bought, foraged, farmed, or overseer farmed for the Ethernere essence so technically no more 100plat plus gate potions since were all Autobots it's probably easy to set up a crew farming the main parts ie Ethernere essence (either mass foraging( or killing or overseer farming) than paying a shammy to make tp potions for you. And if you forage in dead hills you can also fish for Venomous Leech to get your brewing up to 226 making Bottle of Ancient Deathbrewed Wine .
Pretty much everywhere I go I am farming something cause I know 1 of my toons will need it to skill something up and better to farm it than pay for it.
For instance, my brew path is the free quest to 54, all my toons have forage on all the time so I have full bags of berries vegies etc so I make red wine to 95 vodka to 135 I use the red wine I made to make Quinine to 160, I forage and fish in dead hills so a have lots of Venomous Leech to get to 226 I normally throw in a random adhesive or temper I need to get skilled up in another trade skill then Kaladim Constitutionals to 335 because I normally have a lower alt auto picking up the Strange Dark Fungus, Underfoot Mushroom, I used to do it manually but now I use the MQ2GroundSpawns and while he's doing that he is bringing up forage or self buffing to max casting, or anything else they need work on.

I know I strayed a bit from the focus of this topic but the best potions for me are the ones I make myself that I raised 5 skills (fishing, foraging, brewing, alcohol tolerance, and casting) to make and I usually farm a ton of TS ingredients for other skills along the way.

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