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Oct 5, 2012
Sitting at work waiting for stuff to happen, so I was looking through articles and posts on Reddit.

I saw one mentioning how TLPs made someone wish EverQuest would get a true remaster. A comment in that post mentioned checking out a game called Monsters & Memories.

I looked it up and it looks like an EverQuest inspired MMO by an indie studio. While I am not jumping onto a hype train yet, it is really really cool and encouraging to see something like this being developed.

I don't want to say it's a rip off because it makes it sound derogatory. I want to say it appears to be a rip off in the best kind of ways. It appears to have a lot of the same classes as EQ, plus some additional new looking ones. Has zoning. Focuses on group content rather than soloing. Wants to be a subscription based model, without any micro transactions, nothing to buy for in game power or convenience.

I'd love for it to succeed in it's current stated objective. I am hopeful, but also cautious because of how every company in the last decade or more has really pulled the rug out from people.

Either way I wanted to share what I found, don't think I've seen anyone mention it yet before. Looks rad.

Monsters & Memories Website
Aug 27, 2020
So one of the guys that started this is ALovingRobot (forget his real name) who worked at SOE on EQ1 and Vanguard (and maybe EQ2?).

He has videos on YouTube and Twitch where he interviews former EQ devs about the good old days. He even did an interview with Jen Chan at some point. It's really a shame he didn't get Brad before it was too late. Anyone that's an old-school EQ player should definitely give them a watch. There's a lot of insight into how the game got to be what it is today. Developers will cringe at some things like the original game being run from MS Access.

They've been working on this new game for a while, and it's slow going, but if it ever gets released we can definitely expect it to be EQ-like.


Jun 28, 2014
It's very cool, I like the art, although it evokes Stranger Things quite a bit. Course...their stance on us...

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Feb 17, 2017
I've watched several of his interviews with old EQ devs, great hearing them talk bout creating some of my favorite zones to 1.0 epic quests and everything inbetween

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