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IRL - Merry Christmas To All!/Class Jealousy (1 Viewer)

Jun 16, 2019
Merry Christmas everyone! Now, if you could ask for 1 spell/aa/ability for your main from EQ Santa, what would it be?

Me - War, I’ll take some of that delicious ae aggro please
Oct 23, 2016
With CoV, a new coldain shawl like the Zek earring during ToV.

Since i have a lot of illusions, an aa like rogue, bard or enc to have perma illu or illu that last longer than 1h.
Apr 23, 2018
I would say a goddamned aa perfected invis for clerics...even if it is self only! Though, giving us back our aa Smite would be fucking amazing and yeah....give me back my fucking aa smite mother fuckers....still bitter they took it away :(

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