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News - Memorial Day Celebration is Back! (Ours, this time, hee hee) (1 Viewer)

Nov 29, 2017

Our Memorial Day Celebration has returned and with it, you can enjoy the following bonuses and perks:

  • 50% bonus to character experience
  • 50% bonus to faction changes
  • 50% increase to rare spawn chance
  • 20% off Marketplace purchases if you’re an All Access member
  • Unvaulted a selection of Marketplace items: LoN Prize Cards, Clockwork Hero’s Forge, Golden Hero Forge, and select familiars
Being a loyal Norrathian has its benefits! Jump in game, have fun, and don’t forget to remember all the heroes who have come and gone but will never, ever be forgotten. The Memorial Day Celebration started today, May 26, 2023, and will end on May 30, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. PDT.
Mar 1, 2014
Pack name
Prize Sets (categories of prizes)

Legend of the Oathbreaker:
Oathbreaker (Mounts (2), Potions (6), Clickies (3), Stat Items (1), Titles (2), Illusions (4), Pets (2), Weapon Ornaments (5)),
Ethernauts (Mounts (2), Potions (5), Clickies(4), Stat Items (1), Titles (2), Illusions (2), Pets (3), Weapon Ornaments (3)),
Against the Void (Mounts (2), Potions (2), Clickies (5), Stat Items (1), Titles (1), Pets (2), Weapon Ornaments(4)),

Legend of the Storm Break:
Storm Break (Mounts, Potions, Clickies, Familiars, Illusions, Stat Items, Titles, Weapon Ornaments) - Includes: Aspect of the Brood (dragon illusion)
Travelers (Potions, Clickies, Pets, Weapon Ornaments, SPECIAL: Dragon Brood Crypt Key),
Vengeful Gods (Mounts, Potions, Clickies, Illusions, Pets, Weapon Ornaments, Mercs),
Doom of the Ancient Ones (Mounts, Potions, Clickies, Pets, Weapon Ornaments, Mercs)

Legend of the Dragonbrood:
Dragonbrood - The Anarchs (Mounts, Clickies, Illusions, House Items, Pets, Weapon Ornaments, Mercs) also can grant Hermit's Hideaway,
Legacies (Mounts, Potions, Illusions, House Items, Pets, Weapon Ornaments, Mercs) - Includes: Dragorn War Mask Legends (dragon illusion with dps enhancement)
Priestesss of the Anarchs (Mounts, Illusions, House Items, Weapon Ornaments)

Legend of the Jarsath Destroyer:
The Jarsath Destroyer (Paintings, 1 Visage),
Fall of the Estarim (Mounts, Illusions, Stat/House Items, Weapon Ornaments, Mercs),
Debt of the Ratonga (Mounts, Potions, (Pet) Illusions, House Items, Weapon Ornaments, Mercs),
Drakkinshard (Mounts, Potions, (Pet) Illusions, House Items, Weapon Ornaments, Mercs)

They come in the following quantities:
1: 999
3: 2699
7: 5999

Each card grants two prizes out of the Prize-Sets.
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Aug 12, 2018
There are some items not listed in Allah or elsewhere that are in the packs. If an item was a reward for the tournaments its now possible they would be in one of the packs since almost every item was put in them when they closed it down. Its not noted anywhere specifically which pack for those items.
Nov 29, 2017
Isn’t one of those sets the one with the dragon illusion?
Aspect of the Brood Legends of Norrath #7: Storm Break

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