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Question - Melee Ini with Merc settings

Feb 11, 2014
I am sure I have seen this before, but can't seem to find it right now. But I was curious on if there is a way to make a Holyflag/Holyshit flag for mercs, wizard for example, from Balance to Burn at a certain percent, then once aggro was generated from it drop it and go back to a balance burn.
Jun 30, 2013
This was posted long ago.
I've used it many times. Works best when molo, not so great in groups because it's looking at secondary aggro to stop the burn if aggro is getting too high.

Rich (BB code):
holyshit0=/if (${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && !${Select[${Me.MercenaryStance},Balanced,Burn]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]}) /stance balanced
holyshit1=/if (${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]} && ${Me.SecondaryPctAggro} > 75 && ${Group.Member[1].Name.Equal[${Me.SecondaryAggroPlayer.CleanName}]} && ${Me.MercenaryStance.NotEqual[Balanced]}) /stance balanced 
holyshit2=/if (${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]} && ${Me.SecondaryPctAggro} <= 75 && ${Group.Member[1].Name.Equal[${Me.SecondaryAggroPlayer.CleanName}]} && ${Me.MercenaryStance.NotEqual[Burn]} && ${Target.PctHPs} < 90) /stance burn

downshit0=/if (${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && ${Me.MercenaryStance.NotEqual[Passive]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]}) /stance passive
- - - Updated - - -

If you're a caster use this version.

Rich (BB code):
downshit1=/if (${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]} && ${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && !${Select[${Me.MercenaryStance},Balanced,Burn]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]}) /stance balanced
downshit2=/if (${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]} && ${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]} && ${Me.SecondaryPctAggro} > 75 && ${Group.Member[1].Name.Equal[${Me.SecondaryAggroPlayer.CleanName}]} && ${Me.MercenaryStance.NotEqual[Balanced]}) /stance balanced 
downshit3=/if (${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]} && ${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]} && ${Me.SecondaryPctAggro} <= 75 && ${Group.Member[1].Name.Equal[${Me.SecondaryAggroPlayer.CleanName}]} && ${Me.MercenaryStance.NotEqual[Burn]} && ${Target.PctHPs} < 90) /stance burn

downshit0=/if (!${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]} && ${Me.Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]} && ${Me.MercenaryStance.NotEqual[Passive]} && ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]}) /stance passive
Mar 28, 2019

I have been looking through posts regarding mercenary stance, and I bumped into this. I copy/pasted the second code to my chanter's and my druid's kissassist ini file. It doesn't seem to be working. Mercs stay on the same stance throughout the fights.

I have a chanter and a druid with wizard mercs. When the fights start the merc are on balanced stance, then I switched them manually to burn. When the fight is over I would like them switched out to balanced again.

Since this is about my first week running MQ2/ Very Vanilla...I could use some help...

thank you,


Mar 21, 2014
Did you change the ${Select[${Group.Member[1].Class},Wizard]} part of the downshit from wizard to your characters class?