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Mass Auto Handin mac (1 Viewer)


Jan 14, 2016
I had just finished a PLing session for one of my toons and I had a shitton of Icefall Ivory Tusks. I had done these handins a long time ago on another toon and for lvl 70-75 the xp was great. I auto-deleted a bunch of other items that I wasn't gonna faction-grind to turn in. I must have had 500+ tusks and I wasn't gonna play carpal tunnel syndrome to hand them in. It took far less time to write this auto-handin than it would have to do it manually.

The delays might need to be tweaked a bit, and your own system lag is a factor. I have not extensively tested it since it dutifully handed in all my tusks and I have nothing left to continue to test with haha. It should be easily modified for any quest turnins. Enjoy!

Rich (BB code):
| QuestTurnin.mac 2016 Incognito - This mac automates mass turnins. In the default case - 'Supply' 
| quest from Wraithguard Thentil Strongarm in Valdeholm. Change the vars for the quest you are doing 
| and ensure this mac is a good fit for your particular quest before using.

Sub Main
	|Modify these for the quest you are doing
	/declare QuestNPC 		string outer "Wraithguard Thentil Strongarm"
	/declare QuestTrigger		string outer "Supplies"
	/declare TurnInItems		string outer "Icefall Ivory Tusk"
	/declare QuestTurnInCount	int outer 4

	|Internal vars
	/declare ReportNumTurnIns	int outer 0

	/echo Starting Handins
	/tar clear
	/if (!${Math.Calc[${FindItemCount[${TurnInItems}]} / ${QuestTurnInCount}]}>0) {
		/echo You only have ${FindItemCount[${TurnInItems}]} ${TurnInItems} when you need at least ${QuestTurnInCount}
	} else {
		/while (${Math.Calc[${FindItemCount[${TurnInItems}]} / ${QuestTurnInCount}]}>0) {
			/call QuestTrigger
			/call QuestTurnIn
			/varcalc ReportNumTurnIns ${ReportNumTurnIns} + 1
		/echo YOU have become better at Handins: ${ReportNumTurnIns}

Sub QuestTrigger
        /if (!${Target.Name.Equal[${QuestNPC}]) /tar ${QuestNPC}
	/if (${Target.ID} && ${Target.LineOfSight}) {
		/if (${Target.Distance}>20) /moveto ID ${Target.ID}
		/say Hail, ${QuestNPC}
		/delay 5
		/say ${QuestTrigger}
		/delay 10
		/if (${Window[TaskSelectWnd].Open}) {
			/notify TaskSelectWnd TSEL_AcceptButton leftmouseup
			/delay 10
		} else {
			/echo Task Window Problem - Perhaps you already have this task?
	} else {
		/echo Target Problem - Stand next to the quest giver

Sub QuestTurnIn
	/declare x int local 1
	/for x 1 to ${QuestTurnInCount}
		/Ctrlkey /itemnotify ${FindItem[${TurnInItems}].InvSlot} leftmouseup
		/delay 5
		/click left target
		/delay 5
	/next x
	/notify GiveWnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup
	/delay 5
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Feb 1, 2013
I like it but I would change it to only target the guy if you don't have him as the target cause right now you are spamming the server with target packets.
Nov 7, 2005
Nice macro, but I got too excited until I realized that the Tusks are no drop... so this is nice if you actually hunt there but not useful as a substitute for poor ol' BC. :)

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