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Request - Mark Read button doesn't hit all subforums. (1 Viewer)


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Jul 22, 2018
It's it possible to configure the Mark Read button to clear all levels of subforums below it? Macro Mania has several subforums and those have multiple levels of subforums beneath them. It would be nice to clear them all at once without having to go into each one individually as I don't frequent the IHC and muleassist sections.
Mar 1, 2014
I usually hit "What's new" at the top.
Then on the page that shows up you will find a button "view more" (a little bit down to the right). Hit that one.

Now you have "Mark forums read" top right and once you hit that button *bam* all read .) (after a little confirmation that is)

Of course I only do that once I checked all threads I am interested in .)

(That should be the same as "Mark forums read" on top once you hit "Forums" I think. Unless that one also works in the same forum plus sub-forums.)

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