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Question - Makin a list of Special Collectable or Expansion Bundle packs (1 Viewer)

Aug 12, 2018
No, sorry not checking it twice I know who's been naughty or nice -

Anyway - often times there is information about the game that gets lost.

Right now I am compiling a list of the contents of the "Special Collectable or Expansion Bundle packs" they have offered over the last few years. I am not sure if it has only been these 4 or if there was a VOA one somewhere. Or perhaps another one all together?

So I have for 2021 they offered the Past Expansion Collector's Edition Bundle (which was items from a couple different expansions) in June and then in August they offered the Rain of Fear Standard Item Bundle and the Rain of Fear Additional Items Bundle.

In 2022 they offered the Call of the Forsaken Additional Items Bundle and Call of the Forsaken Standard Item Bundle in June and the Rain of Fear Standard Item Bundle and the Rain of Fear Additional Items in August.

They continue to offer the HOT expansion collector on TLP I think.

I have lists of all the items included in each of the ones above so its not the contents I am looking for but was wondering if anyone knew of any others. Even when I search for these few the info seems to be very sporadic. Took me a few websites to get this together including my own post here months ago:)

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