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Problem - Mage KA pet spell :burnout issue (1 Viewer)

Jan 16, 2017
I with my friend mage met an isuue as below

The pert spell: only cast lv 11 burnout.
I am sure, pet buffs set is ok, EX: petbuffs3:burnout XIII

do anyone know how to solve this issue?? thanks frist!!!
Aug 17, 2019
there is an issue with KA 11.005 - there is a post where the fix to put into kissassist is posted. petbuff would just not work properly without that fix.

line 4943 to 4950

/for i 1 to ${PetBuffs.Size}
| Stop pet buffing if aggro detected
/if (${AggroTargetID}) /return
/if (${PetBuffs[${i}].Equal[Null]}) /continue
/varset 1stPart ${PetBuffs[${i}].Arg[1,|]}
/varset 2ndPart ${PetBuffs[${i}].Arg[2,|]}
/varset 3rdPart ${PetBuffs[${i}].Arg[3,|]}

link : https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/kissassist.61791/post-388901

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