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Question - LS Missions: Boxes not attacking certain mobs (1 Viewer)

Aug 15, 2020
In LS group missions i experience that my boxes are not attacking certain mobs.
In Final Fugue its the archers: i can attack them by hand, but automation will not attack.
In Heroes Are Forge its the spider: i can attack it by hand the moment it pops, but my boxes will only attack much later. This seems to coincide with when the spider is movable.

The whole thing feels like the automation does not attack, but manually it can be attacked.
As a result it prevents me from burning down the spider in HF for example, although i do have the DPS for it.

I have seen videos where boxes do attack the spiders right from the get go tho, so perhaps its a setting of some sort that needs adjustement?

I use a mix of Lua, kiss and cwtn automations.
from my experience , dps wont assist if you dont have "aggro" or anything listed in the x target window
their are several Lua's available for the missions that help with automating it

https://www.redguides.com/community...eros-are-forged.3024/field?field=instructions - is what i use for HaF , and as the author states, 95% of the time i get it done it with all 3 achievements

when doing the archers in FF , you can aggro boss and then switch to archers (this definitely works with CWTN plugins, not sure how your KA is setup)

edit - with HaF , the blob, spider, and lich all seem to have a "grace" period before they aggro and attack, thats why you can manually attack them but they wont assist at the start
Archers are non aggro mobs. They don’t have a hate list and don’t appear on XTarget. This is by DPG design.
Spider is HaF mission is damageable before she becomes ‘active’. This is by DPG design. Toons will only assist automatically when she becomes active. In both scenarios, use command like Szazor suggests above to manually get them to attack.

There has been a marked increase in ‘non-aggro’ mobs in raid and group mission mechanics in recent expacs. Although, almost entirely unintentional, it is an annoying anti-boxer mechanic (along with the lamps mechanic in Oubliette of Light)
Question - LS Missions: Boxes not attacking certain mobs

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