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Question - Looking for common subroutines (1 Viewer)

Oct 10, 2022
Looking for some common commands/subroutines, to use in macros. I have been surfing through various author's scripts looking for gold, and found many useful snippets, but I haven't spotted how to:
  1. Waiting for/Checking if all group members are in close range. Like waiting to drop a campfire, or start an event.
  2. Check/wait for everyone to be double invised?
For example, instead of using basic delays, its better to use the TLO for Group.AnyoneMissing, however I didn't see a group TLO for measuring distance.
A side question maybe if I should even use macros, or skip straight to LUA?



Jun 28, 2014
https://docs.macroquest.org/macros/beginners-guide-datatypes/ is a good starting point, but one thing to keep in mind is that your Group Members are Spawns, which it mentions on this page: https://docs.macroquest.org/reference/data-types/datatype-groupmember -- The text "this type inherits members from spawn if the member is in the current zone" means that when your group member is in the current zone, you can use all of the TLOs from "spawn" in addition to the TLOs from Group, which will get you what you want for the first question.

For the second question, you can use dannet or netbots or you can loop through and target each group member. Either way you're going to be checking buffs or SPAs to determine if they are double invis.

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