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Strategy - looking for a good laptop (1 Viewer)

Jun 9, 2008
presently i have a i7 3rd gen that had the hybrid graphics, barely runs eq anymore, looking for a laptop that will run 6 boxes yet wont break the bank. 17" monitor /discuss:)
Mar 9, 2017
Consider used? I like to Google best gaming laptop lists by year and then cross check any system tests and the current prices on ebay. I skip Alienware and other known "gaming" systems since they still command a premium. I'm shopping in the $200-$500 range, but can find a great deal every week or so, when I'm in the market.
Nov 22, 2018
I would like to resurrect this topic.

1. Any experience on the 6 core processors vs 4 core processors for 6 instance boxing on one laptop? I would think more cores would be better for a processor heavy game like EQ and 6 instances?

2. Any experience on the Nvidia 10XX graphic cards negative or positive for same use as above?

3. Does the Intel integrated 620/630 provide enough graphics capability for EQ in 6 instances on one laptop?
Mar 24, 2015
I have two Razer 15 laptops with i7-8750 processors, 32gb of RAM and 1070GTX video cards. Each is capable of smoothly running 24 toons as long as I am using eqwire with Turbo DISABLED on the laptop. Comments below:

1 - either 4 or 6 is going to be fine. With a 6 core processor you can disable turbo and run really cool. If you don't you will most likely have a very hot laptop on your hands. The 6 core CPUs run HOT AS HELL.

2 - kind of irrelevant as EQ barely touches the GPU. Any 10xx GPU will likely be overkill

3 - Even though EQ doesn't use the GPU much, I've never had a good experience running EQ with integrated graphics. I think these still share system RAM? That could be why.

Biggest thing is to make sure you have a full power CPU, not a U, and that the laptop is capable of cooling itself properly. Overheating/throttling will ruin your day. Also - EQWire is a godsend for laptops.
Dec 22, 2017
no doubt a gaming laptop these days can ace 6 box. But how far can you cut the budget before stopping you from enjoying EQ?

Does anyone uses those i7-8550U or Ryzen 7 2700U laptop with 6 box? I can do 6 box on a A4-6210 laptop with 8GB RAM for static farming but anything else is a HUGE PITA.

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